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10. January 2015

Retro game Ignition / Bleifuss Fun under Windows 7 using DOSBox

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Remember this retro game?

bleifuss fun

When I was a child, I used to play this with my friends in split screen, which is fun 😀

I just found the old CD and wanted to get it running. This is the way that worked out:

  1. Download and install DOSbox
  2. Create an directory somewhere, e.g. “C:\Users\foo\dosbox”
  3. Start DOSbox
  4. Insert the Bleifuss Fun / Ignition CD into your CD drive (say it has drive D:)
  5. Mount the CD in DOSBox:
    mount d d:\ -t cdrom
  6. Mount the directory you created in step 2 as c:
    mount c c:\Users\foo\dosbox
  7. Switch to the CD-Rom by typing:
  8. Start the installation by typing:

  9. Go through the installation by pressing Enter, leaving the default location (C:\BLEIFUSS.FUN\ will end up in C:\Users\foo\dosbox\BLEIFUSS.FUN on your drive)
  10. Go into the installation directory
  11. Switch into Fullcreen: ALT + Enter
  12. Start the game by typing


You can switch back from fullscreen with Alt + Enter and kill dosbox with CTRL + F9

You can increase the screen resolution under options to 800 x 600 to get the graphics a little better.

Next time you run the game, start Dosbox, insert the CD, mount it, mount c, go into the installation directory and start the game:


If you don’t want to insert the CD every time or don’t have a CD drive anymore, you can create an image of the CD using Daemon Tools and mount this into a virtual CD drive and mount this in DOSBox.

Of course this should work on any OS where DOSBox is running.

Have fun!


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  1. Wow, thanks for the tips! This will certainly give you hours of gameplay that will transport you to your childhood days. Great job in figuring out how to make it run on Windows 7. Hard to run retro games on modern OS, good thing you’re there to make things easier. Thanks for sharing!

    Comment by Pinball Machine Australia — 20. April 2015 @ 09:01

  2. Ich komme nicht weiter. Der zeigt mir ständig an es existiert nicht

    Comment by Stephan Wiesener — 2. May 2016 @ 20:31

  3. @Stephan: Bis zu welchem Schritt kommst du denn? Was genau für eine Fehlermeldung bekommst du?

    Comment by Christopher Kramer — 6. May 2016 @ 09:32

  4. I got the game to run, except after a while the car keeps exploding over and over again. Any ideas?

    Comment by B.fea — 22. May 2016 @ 18:08

  5. Same problem of b.fea. Any solution?

    Comment by rosario — 29. January 2017 @ 18:41

  6. I just played the game again 🙂 Three years since I played it? wow, time is passing fast.
    Played two championships (the beginner and amateur level) without problems. I don’t know why your car keeps exploding…

    Comment by Christopher Kramer — 14. February 2018 @ 22:42

  7. I’ve since just bought it on GoG. Such a great game!

    Comment by Bfea — 16. February 2018 @ 11:42

  8. It doesn’t work for me, it says that ign_dos.bat failed to execute

    Comment by Christian Camilo Méndez Pulido — 26. January 2019 @ 01:33

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