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30. November 2011

CrazyStat 1.71 will speak Danish

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As you might know, as of version 1.70, CrazyStat is a multi-language script. Originally, CrazyStat was available in German only. But in 1.70, I translated the interface and documentation into English to make CrazyStat available to a broader audience. Soon after I published the first release Candidate of CrazyStat 1.70, somebody ( voluntarily translated CrazyStat into Dutch. So when I released CrazyStat 1.70 final, CrazyStat included language files for German, English and Dutch.

Now Liza Overgaard sent me her translation of CrazyStat into Danish. She did not only translate the user interface, but also the readme file and even plans to translate the FAQ and config-documentation.

So upcoming CrazyStat 1.71 will include a Danish language file and documentation. Thanks a lot to all translators for their work that helps to spread CrazyStat.

If you speak some language that is not yet supported by CrazyStat, it would be great if you could translate CrazyStat into your language. It only takes a few hours as CrazyStat does not have much text on the user interface. Of course your work will be honoured by mentioning you in the changelog of CrazyStat and in the news. I will even link to your website if you want, which will lead visitors to your site and create a lot of backlinks.

Please contact me, if you are interested in translating CrazyStat. I also need somebody who supports the Dutch translation as stopped translating open-source software and I need a couple of small texts translated that are new in 1.71.

Thanks everybody for using CrazyStat. Especially to all translators.

More news about the upcoming version of the analytics script CrazyStat 1.71 will be published here and on twitter soon. Stay tuned.


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24. November 2011

Christosoft Blog is born

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This is my brand new blog. Here I plan to write short articles about:

  • current news regarding CrazyStat
  • new tutorials and script snippets about/in PHP
  • other web related stuff that might be of interest, e.g. about Typo3

This is what I have in mind at the moment. Let’s see how it will develop. I chose to setup this blog as it is a bit easier to use wordpress to write a short article than using my own CMS. And with a blog system, you can easily comment on my articles.

Please let me know if you like the idea and if you have any ideas for my blog, e.g. what about you would like me to write.