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11. October 2013

Stupid Spammers posting all their spam stock at once

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Today I got this spam comment with probably all the possible spam combinations this spammer uses:


This is only the first part, the complete comment is about 5 times as long. I guess it’s not the best approach to give all your beautiful spam away at once. Not only because only a complete fool would not mark this as spam but also because it’s probably the best way to make sure that spam filters will detect all your stuff đŸ˜€


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9. October 2013

Typo3 ts_lastupdate: Change Text

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The Typo3 extension ts_lastupdate comes in handy when you want to automatically display the date when the page has been edited the last time. On a German Typo3 installation, what it displays looks like this:

Letzte Änderung: 09.10.2013

You can configure the date format as described in the documentation. But what I missed was a way to configure the text before the date. I wanted it to say “Letzte Aktualisierung” instead of “Letzte Ă„nderung”. The solution I came up with might be a bit quick and dirty but it surely does the trick:

plugin.tx_tslastupdate_pi1.text.wrap =  <!--|-->Letzte Aktualisierung:

So what I do is wrap the text provided by the extension (or rather language file) in comments and place my text afterwards. If you have multiple languages, you might need to use language conditions.

[globalVar = GP:L = 2]
plugin.tx_tslastupdate_pi1.text.wrap =  <!--|-->Letzte Aktualisierung: 
[globalVar = GP:L = 3]
plugin.tx_tslastupdate_pi1.text.wrap =  <!--|-->Last update: 

If anybody finds a cleaner solution, please let me know.