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26. November 2012

CrazyStat: Detect Windows 8

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To make CrazyStat detect Windows 8, just replace stat/usr/keywords/os.txt with the one I just committed to svn.

Download it here

(If this link does not work, use this one and click “download this file” there.)

Just upload this file to stat/usr/keywords.


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22. November 2012

Windows: How to find out the MAC address of your ethernet / wireless adapter?

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Trying to find out the MAC-address of my ethernet adapter, I tried ipconfig and all the properties of the adpater in device manager but could not find it. Then I found out that ipconfig displays it, if the /all switch is added:

ipconfig /all

This will list all your network devices. Their MAC addresses are listed as the “Physical address”.

To run this, you need a command window. You can get it like this:

[Windows-Key] + [r]

Type in “cmd” and hit enter.

Then you get a black window with white text where you enter “ipconfig /all”.

(The windows-key is the one between the left CTRL and ALT. If you don’t have one (I heard this still exists ;-)), click Start/Run in Win XP or click Start, type “cmd” and then enter in Win7).

3. November 2012

phpLiteAdmin 1.9.3 released (security-update)

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Screenshot of phpLiteAdmin 1.9.3

Screenshot of phpLiteAdmin 1.9.3

Some minutes ago, I released the new version of phpLiteAdmin, a web management GUI for SQLite databases written in PHP. You can download it from our project site.

The new version addresses and mostly fixes lots of issues. Among these, one security issue has been fixed. Therefore, I’d recommend anybody using phpLiteAdmin to update.

A lot of work has gone into this release, fixing lots of bugs to make phpLiteAdmin more robust. For example, you can now have tables or columns containing special characters. The ALTER TABLE features have been partly rewritten so they now work a lot more reliable. And lots of other issues have been fixed. Thanks to anybody who reported bugs to the bug tracker.

If you still have any problems or suggestions, please let us know on our issue tracker.