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24. December 2012

Happy 7th birthday, CrazyStat! And merry christmas!

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Sorry CrazyStat, this time I am two days late. On Saturday, it was CrazyStat’s 7th birthday.

As every year, I want to give a look back at what happened this year, and a look forward on my plans on the future.

Most importantly, the development of CrazyStat got more open, as I had planned. I opened a Sourceforge project for CrazyStat, a forum for discussion and support, and made CrazyStat’s svn publicly available on Sourceforge. So a bugtracker and a FAQ script is still to be opened. I guess I’ll do so this year.

Another great thing that happened: CrazyStat got translated into two more languages: Russian  and Portuguese. Together with English, German, Dutch and Danish, CrazyStat is now available in 6 languages. Thanks a lot to all translators for their work! I hope a lot of more languages will come in the future. If you speak another language, please contact me, it is really not so much work to do.

With the release of 1.71 RC1 (which basically is a final version, I won’t release another 1.71), CrazyStat also made some good improvements, although it was mainly a maintenance release.

Looking at my plans I had last year, not every goal has been achieved yet, but some of them have: The release of 1.71, making CrazyStat development more open and blogging more. For version 1.80, I did not find much time this year. But CrazyStat development will continue this year, so stay tuned.

Thanks to all users of CrazyStat. Especially thanks to everybody who donated! If you like CrazyStat, please consider a small donation.  Thanks a lot also to those users who gave feedback, requested features and reported bugs. If you do so, please use the forum.

I also joined the development team of phpLiteAdmin, a web-GUI for SQLite-Databases. I think phpLiteAdmin is a very promising project and I will continue my participation in it.

Merry Christmas everybody and a happy new year!


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23. December 2011

Happy 6th birthday, CrazyStat!

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Yesterday was CrazyStat’s 6th birthday. I didn’t find the time to blog about it yesterday, so here we go today: Happy birthday!

Every year when I congratulated CrazyStat to it’s birthday, I have a look at the last year. This year, I want to do this again. But this year, two things are different regarding my birthday congratulations: First, I congratulate in English. That’s because CrazyStat learnt English last year and nowadays, lots of CrazyStat users do not understand German. Second, I post the congratulations in my blog instead of in my CMS. As I already wrote, I will post things like news, tutorials and so on in the blog instead of the main site, as it’s more simple for me and allows better feedback.

So these are already two important things that changed within the last year. With the release of CrazyStat 1.70 (on CrazyStat’s 5th birthday), CrazyStat was available in English. This way, CrazyStat got lots of new users. This was also due to the fact that I could list CrazyStat on now, one of the best script archives available nowadays (in my opinion). If you search for a script, I strongly recommend you to use hotscripts.

Soon after CrazyStat 1.70 release candidates were published, translated it into Dutch so the final version of CrazyStat 1.70 already came with a Dutch language file. As already posted, CrazyStat was now translated into Danish and so upcoming version 1.71 will be available in Danish as well.

Another important change within last year was the new design of my website. Thanks again to kartoffelpfluecker who created the new design for me. I think it’s very cool.

Besides of my brand new blog, I also started to tweet. I do not only tweet about what’s hot about CrazyStat, but also some interesting stuff for webmasters. Follow me here.

So what will happen in the upcoming year? I have big plans and hope I will find the time to realize them:

  • release CrazyStat 1.71 (soon I think)
  • work on CrazyStat 1.80 (mayor code changes)
  • blog more (stuff for webmasters etc.)
  • make development of CrazStat more open (bugtracker, wiki, public SVN etc.)

And I hope that CrazyStat will learn a lot more languages in the upcoming year. If you speak any language that CrazyStat does not support now, please contact me. It’s really not much work to translate it, and I will honour your work by mentioning you and linking to you.

Thanks everybody for using CrazyStat! Especially thanks a lot to everybody who donated. Unfortunately, not many people did this last year. If you like CrazyStat, please consider a donation.
And thanks to everybody who gave feedback and reported bugs. I really try to read all your mails and respond to everybody who contacts me, so please use the possibility.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year everybody!