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19. February 2012

CrazyStat 1.71 will be available in Russian

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Good news: The upcoming CrazyStat version 1.71 will come with a Russian language file.

Thanks a lot to Vladimir for the translation!

He did not only translate CrazyStat (and gave a lot of other feedback – thanks for that as well) but also offered to support Russian users via email. I will offer a mailform at the time CrazyStat 1.71 is released for that. Vladimir also proposed that I should open a forum to improve support and discussion around CrazyStat. I think this is a brilliant idea and I will definitely realize this along with the other ideas to make CrazyStat more open.

Russian is the first language that really benefits from UTF-8 and the Russian language file showed some minor problems in CrazyStat with UTF-8 that will also be fixed in 1.71. Other languages like Chinese will hopefully benefit from this as well one day.

CrazyStat 1.71 is into testing now and will hopefully be released soon. I already blogged that it will also be available in Danish and the other changes.

Translations of CrazyStat are always very welcome. If you speak some language that CrazyStat does not speak already, I would be very happy if you could translate CrazyStat. It is really not much work and I will help you if you have any problems. Languages like Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic and French are still missing, just to name a few. If you speak any of these languages or some other language, please contact me and help to spread CrazyStat.


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