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6. March 2015

TortoiseGit: Windows for pull, push etc. take 5 minutes to appear, commit does not work

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My TortoiseGit showed a strange behaviour: When I tried to push or pull, the window took exactly 5 minutes to appear. The commit window did not appear any more. Reinstalling TortoiseGit did not fix the issue. I used the git Bash as a workaround for some time until I found a fix: TortoiseGit was not able to write into its temp directory because the security settings (NTFS rights) were somehow messed up. For the C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Local\Temp\TortoiseGit, I added my user with full access rights and everything is now working again :).

Hope this helps someone to fix this faster in case someone has the same issue.


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  1. Thanks for this article, was literally running into this issue earlier today. It may have something to do with upgrading TG while not running it as an administrator (last update). At least that’s my best guess.

    Simply changed the permissions of the folder to Full Control of my Windows Account and it worked again like a charm.

    Comment by producer_zombie — 16. March 2015 @ 21:19

  2. How to give the full access right? Any specific steps?

    Comment by krip — 3. November 2015 @ 13:46

  3. @ krip: navigate to the folder in windows explorer. Right click it, select “properties”, go to the “security” tab, click “edit”, “add”, “Advanced”, “search now”. Select your username in the list at the bottom. Click “ok”, “ok”. Select it in the list and check all the boxes below “allow” and close the dialog with “ok”.

    Comment by Christopher Kramer — 3. November 2015 @ 14:42

  4. Great, thx..

    Comment by krip — 10. November 2015 @ 15:05

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