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5. May 2012

TortoiseSVN painfully slow (Log)

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I had a problem with TortoiseSVN: Sometimes it behaved painfully slow. Especially when I wanted to view the log of CrazyStat’s svn repository, it took about 10 minutes (!) to show it. First I thought the problem was caused by the Sourceforge servers, but then I realized that other svn clients did not have the same problem. I tried several things and the solution finally was quite simple and even listed the the TortoiseSVN FAQ:

Browsing very slow in explorer and file/open dialog.

If you have mapped network drives which are not resolved, either because the drive is inaccessible, or you have not logged in, file browsing may become unresponsive while Windows tries unsuccessfully to access the drive. Either unmap the drive or ensure that it can be accessed


I first did not think that this was my problem as I did not experience slow browsing in explorer or file/open dialog. But after I unmapped all unresolved network drives, it worked great again.

By the way, I’d recommend TortoiseSVN to anybody who is searching for a windows svn client. I have not seen any other client that powerful yet simple.

I hope this might be helpful for somebody who has the same problem.


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  1. Tortoise SVN SUCKS! PERIOD. It is painfully slow, it is painfully unreliable at time when committing files. Overall unimpressed and if I wasn’t forced to use it for educational purposes you wouldn’t catch me ever using this crap again.

    If you are not forced to use it, DO NOT USE IT. IT IS HORRIBLE! Stay away. Find a better solution.

    Comment by Al — 19. January 2018 @ 23:26

  2. @Al: Are you sure it is not your SVN server that sucks? That is painfully slow and unreliable? Have you tried accessing your SVN server with another SVN client, or have you tried accessing another SVN server with TortoiseSVN?

    What would you recommend instead?

    Comment by Christopher Kramer — 21. January 2018 @ 10:28

  3. Absolutely fixed my problem. I’ve been using TortoiseSVN for 5 or 6 years now with no problems, then on my home office PC I added my old NAS as a backup device and mapped it to Z:, but normally have it turned off.

    Disconnecting Z: immediately brought TortoiseSVN back to it’s usual zippy self.

    Thank you.

    Comment by Jeff Dyer — 30. September 2020 @ 12:09

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