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16. May 2014

Inkscape: Dialog windows do not open on multi-screen setups

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I am using a multiscreen setup with one small landscape screen and one big portrait screen.

When I try to open a dialog like the Inkscape settings or the document settings in Inkscape, it does not open. Or more precisely, I cannot see it because it is positioned outside the visible area. I have this problem with current Inkscape 0.48.4 on Windows 7 Professional 64bit.

The bug is known for some time but unfortunately not fixed.

But I found a great and easy workaround which I want to share with you here: Whenever you cannot see a window because it is offscreen, press [Windows-Key] [arrow-up-key]. This shortcut maximizes the current window and you can use it normally. This probably only works on Windows 7 and newer.

You can also use the left or right arrow-key to position the window on the left or right half of the screen.

Happy drawing! 🙂


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  1. Thanks a lot, this really helped me!

    Comment by Radu — 17. June 2014 @ 15:26

  2. Awesome!

    Comment by sdsd — 16. April 2016 @ 05:17

  3. Thanks!

    Comment by Amgeek — 29. April 2016 @ 14:33

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