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4. March 2012

Forum (board) opened for discussion and support

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Today I would like to introduce Christosoft Forum.

It is meant both for support, especially about CrazyStat, but also any general discussion about things of common interest.

I hope it will be used especially for CrazyStat support.

You do not even have to register at the moment, you can post as guest if you solve a captcha. Let’s hope I can keep this setting and it won’t be abused.

So from now on, please use the forum if you have any problems with CrazyStat. Other users might help you before I find the time or you might find the solution for your problem in an old thread.

Let me know what you think of it, either here or in the forum.

Also let me know if you have suggestions, e.g. for subforums or forum settings.

Edit: This is part of my plans to make development of CrazyStat more open. Expect other steps like Bugtracker or public SVN soon…


Try my Open Source PHP visitor analytics script CrazyStat.


  1. I would like to use CrazyStat but after untarring the zip-file in /var/www/html/stat and pointing my browser to http://localhost/stat i get the login-screen.

    I have no idea what combination of username / password to use and can’t find the documentation for this… ?

    I also get an error:
    Password-file could not be opened for writing. Please check rights (CHMOD or write lock) of the file.

    ? which file to change …

    With kind regards, mit freundlichen grusse


    Comment by remke — 14. March 2012 @ 09:07

  2. As I wrote in exactly this blog post, the forum is meant for support.

    I copied your message there and will answer it there as well:

    Comment by Christopher K. — 14. March 2012 @ 10:26

  3. Hello, i am here new jah

    Comment by Alexsjah — 23. November 2018 @ 23:55

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