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12. June 2012

LaTeX: multiline comments

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You often want to out-comment some stuff while writing a LaTeX document very quickly, and LaTeX does only offer single-line comments out of the box:

% This is a comment
% This is the next line

Of course this can get a lot of work if you do this manually for a lot of lines. There might be editors that ease this, but I just found a very easy way to achieve multiline-comments using the verbatim package:


You can now just have multiline comments like this:

This is a comment
This is the next line

Very easy. I knew there had to be a package for that. I was just too lazy to search for it up to now.


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4. March 2012

Forum (board) opened for discussion and support

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Today I would like to introduce Christosoft Forum.

It is meant both for support, especially about CrazyStat, but also any general discussion about things of common interest.

I hope it will be used especially for CrazyStat support.

You do not even have to register at the moment, you can post as guest if you solve a captcha. Let’s hope I can keep this setting and it won’t be abused.

So from now on, please use the forum if you have any problems with CrazyStat. Other users might help you before I find the time or you might find the solution for your problem in an old thread.

Let me know what you think of it, either here or in the forum.

Also let me know if you have suggestions, e.g. for subforums or forum settings.

Edit: This is part of my plans to make development of CrazyStat more open. Expect other steps like Bugtracker or public SVN soon…

24. November 2011

Christosoft Blog is born

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This is my brand new blog. Here I plan to write short articles about:

  • current news regarding CrazyStat
  • new tutorials and script snippets about/in PHP
  • other web related stuff that might be of interest, e.g. about Typo3

This is what I have in mind at the moment. Let’s see how it will develop. I chose to setup this blog as it is a bit easier to use wordpress to write a short article than using my own CMS. And with a blog system, you can easily comment on my articles.

Please let me know if you like the idea and if you have any ideas for my blog, e.g. what about you would like me to write.

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